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Marc Langille is a multiple-award winning, published photographer. His works have been added to various corporate and private fine art image collections. Marc's sports, travel and nature related images have been published in print (newspaper, magazine, book), as well as multiple images published online.
Born in Montreal, Marc lived in the Maritime provinces, then Ottawa before moving to the USA in 1999. He's always been involved with the outdoors since his childhood. He began capturing images of sport and travel with 35mm film back in the 1990's. This was after retiring from elite level sports: bicycle and cross-country ski racing.

In 2013, the War Eagle Bridge image was selected as part of an interpretive historical image exhibit, sponsored by the Secretary of State. Those images selected were on display in the Capitol Building in Little Rock. The exhibit ran from Memorial Day through Labor Day, 2013. Marc's image of the bridge provided a unique perspective that no other photographer had captured in their image criteria, according to Jen Hughes, State Archives/Exhibits specialist and David Ware, Capitol Historian.
"Most images you see of the area focus on the building and not the bridge, so your depiction is unique as well as beautiful." - Jen Hughes.

Four images will be featured with the 2008 VLF (Valley Land Fund) Wildlife Photo Competition in the latest edition of their nature conservation book, El Monte del Valley - Images of South Texas. The book dedication was on Thursday, November 5th, 2009 from 6PM - 9PM.

Most recently several images will be featured with the 2008 VLF (Valley Land Fund) Wildlife Photo Competition in the latest edition of their nature conservation book. He's always been involved with the love of the outdoors since his childhood. Marc is also involved with photojournalism style events, including historical reenactments. He has been involved with heavy industrial commercial imagery and fine art nature photographs. Marc is also a Wimberley Professional Services member for his commitment to teaching others about photography and the natural world by leading photography workshops.

Marc is a current (former board) member of the PSNWA (Photographic Society of Northwest Arkansas), and a member of NANPA (North American Nature Photographers Association). He has worked with the NANPA Resource Relations Committee. Marc is also a Wimberley Professional Services member.

Marc is available for assignments within the United States, Canada, and international destinations.

Marc is also a firm believer in the conservation effort in North America and around the world. If you require assistance with photographic-related conservation efforts, please contact Marc to discuss your needs.

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